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This Page is dedicated to Zackery T. Wiggins

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Zackery Wiggins

To Our Angel Up Above

As the weather starts to change
And the leaves begin to fall
The time of year our angel was taken
Is a reminder to us all.
It seems like only yesterday
That we were still together
Listening to your crazy jokes, seeing your silly grin,
And hearing the laughter
On October 29th of nineteen-ninety-six
God decided that our Zackery
Was the angel he would pick
To help him look upon us and guide us
Through the years
Through trials and tribulations,
The good times and the tears,
Although you're not here in body,
You're still in our mind and soul,
As much as you were on that cold fall day
God chose you to go.
So don't ever forget our love for you,
For we will never forget yours,
Until we meet again, Sweet Angel,
At Heaven's golden doors.

We love you and miss you every single day.
Your family


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