In Loving Memory of

Randall "Cody" Griffin

May 12,1999 - August 18, 1999

Beautiful in blue

Precious Child

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This picture was taken of me just 3 days before I left for Heaven.
flower line

I was born on May 12, 1999 at 7:40 am at Grady General Hospital in Cairo, Georgia. I weighed 7 pounds, 14 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long. Dr. David Hensley delivered me. My parents were James Randall ("Randy") and Sandy Dollar Griffin of Whigham, Georgia. They were totally in love with me, and I too, loved them. Everyone that knew me loved me too, 'cause I was so special. I was my mommy and daddy's only child.

8 weeks
"can you see
my angel wings?"
I was blessed to have what I needed when I arrived, 'cause my mommy had five baby showers. All for me! I had everything from diapers and clothes, to shoes and shampoo.

I was loved on all the time, but Mommy really didn't like it, 'cause she wanted it all for herself. My daddy did too. It didn't take long for them to "understand" which cry was which, after that, I had no worries. I could tell they really, really loved me. My daddy thought I "hung the moon" and my mommy couldn't stay away from me for long at all. My mommy's nickname for me was "Little Pumpkin" 'cause I was a healthly little baby, my daddy called me "the Big Guy."


mommy and meDaddy and me

Mommy and I used to sit in our recliner and she would sing , "You are so beautiful" and she would always play games with me and love on me. Daddy always took me outside for walks so could look at the sky and trees and our dog "Bo." Mommy would take "first shift" feedings around 11 p.m., and Daddy would take "second" about 4 a.m. They both took really good care of me. I was always smiling at them, 'cause they would do funny stuff to make me. They were fun. I knew I was going to miss them , and I knew they were going to miss me terribly.

It really broke their hearts when I had to leave them, but they know I am in Heaven with God. I "really" went to Heaven on August 17th, but Mommy and Daddy wouldn't and couldn't give up hope that day, and didn't let me go until the 18th. I had 3 months and 6 days with them. Doctor's said it was SIDS. (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) I didn't suffer or have any kind of pain though, 'cause God simply came and took me Home. I'm really happy now, but I know Mommy and Daddy miss me, and all my family miss me too. But they all know they will hold me in Heaven one day, and we will never be apart again. My mommy knows that my life had a purpose. And she is seeing it more and more. Her and Daddy are very proud that they were my parents.

Beautiful in blue

Mommy always said I was beautiful in blue.


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