In Loving Memory of

Michael William Ragan

January 2, 1975 - June 28, 2000


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To Michael - Love Ashley
your (little sister) always,
I hate the darkness, the quiet, the noises in the night.The feelings within me. The blackness in my soul. No happiness within, pain dwells deep inside me. Ever since you left me here alone on earth without anyone who understands me. Only you do. Who can I turn to? Who will know exactly how I feel and the best way to help me? I feel like we had this tight bond that couldnt be broken. And I feel like a part of me died along with you. Who will I talk to when I'm in a struggle. You are the only one who made me feel like I wasn't alone. I felt like there was somone just like me and now I'm left alone with questions that will never be answered. And I dont know where to look to find my best friend, my brother, the other part of me. Because there is nowhere else to look. Because your gone but not totally, I know your still watching over me and you always will. You have yet to abandon me although I feel alone.
I will never forget you, keep me safe.
God make sure he knows how much I care.
- Ashley Dunn
(Michaels special little angel)

Michael and his Mom

Michael was only 25 years old when he was taken from me on June 28, 2000. He was my only child and my whole life. He brought much joy and laughter to my life. He was killed in a gun accident and my life has changed dramatically due to this. Michael was a very loving,caring and humorous young man with his whole future ahead of him. His life was cut short but his memory will remain with me forever. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through and he will be missed more than I could ever express. I have my regrets too, and they are: I wish I had've listened to what he had to say to me and had talked TO him and not AT him. I wish had've listened to his rap music which expressed alot of his feelings inside. We need to listen to our children while we still have them. They are sometimes crying out for us in rebellious ways and all we have to do is listen and not close our minds to what they are feeling so that we can be there for them and help them.
Michael and Mom
Michael and Mom
I love you Michael and I miss you so much.
Love, Your Mom.

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Michael and his Grandmother

Michael always said he would never survive losing his grandmother. At least he will be spared that pain. She will not be though. She grieves for him daily. Everyday is another waking of a nightmare in which she has to face. Her grandson whom she was so close to is gone. She was there for him always and she was very appreciated by him. "Thank you Nanny" Michael loves you !!! Always!!
Michael and Grandmother
Michael and his grandmother

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Michael and his fiancee Lisa

Michael and Lisa were to be married November 2000. She lost him on June 28, 2000 from the accidental discharge of a firearm. She loved him so much and they were supposed to be married and have children and have a home and a happy life together. Instead she buried him at age 25 and will grieve for him always. They had a rottweiler puppy named "Brandy" whom they loved very much. He was Michaels buddy. All this has changed now because of a gun accident. There will be no wedding, no children for Michael, no more Sunday dinners with mom. Instead we all had to say goodbye for now.
Love you forever,
Michael and Lisa
Michael and Lisa
Lisa and Brandy
Lisa and Brandy
Lisa Marie
Michael's fiancee - Lisa Marie

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Michael and Cousins

Michael was very close to his cousins. One of them that loved him very much was Ashley and her mom Loretta. They grieve for him daily. Ashley always loved to wrestle with Michael everytime she saw him no matter how old they were. She and her mom were always there for him. They will always remember him with a smile on their faces for their memories are very special to them.

We love you Michael.

Greg, Sam and Stevie, thank you so much for being like brothers to Michael. He loved you so much.

Cody and Lindsey, He would always remember the Insty Print babies. He loved you and your mom so much.

Loretta, Ashley, Greg, Sam, Stevie, Cody, Lindsey, Susie, Uncle Greg, Laurie and Nanny and mom.
We will all miss you greatly and will love you always. Michael
Your Family.
Ashley and Michael
Ashley and Michael
Michael and cousins
Michael and his cousins
Michael and Greg
Michael and Greg

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